Play Game of Life Online

The Release of Game of Life ’s online version has just made it more accessible to families who already owned the board game. The online version made it more exciting to play, with more players being catered to the game. When you play Game of Life Online, nothing much changes from the concept of the original board game.

The Storyboard

For those who already have a Game of Life board game this serves as a refresher but to those who has just encountered the game for the first time, then this is what it is all about. Game of Life  basically gives players a simulation of life including life’s major choices, getting to college, choosing a career, starting a family, and ending up in retirement. Throughout the way, players can earn money or lose money, depending on how well they play the game.


Pure Fun Made Better

While the board game was already a source of laughter and enjoyment for the whole family or with a group of friends, the enjoyment is heightened with the online release. Everything is in 3D with great choice of vibrant colors and many more. The pace of the game can be controlled too unlike the regular version. Players can choose to skip the computer’s move to make the game go faster and end faster. This way, players can get to play the game a lot more times.

However, unlike other board games Game of Life  experience is really pure fun with no real strategy in place. Life’s choices can depend highly on the spin of the game, the life cards chosen and the spaces you land on. On the brighter side, this game is made perfect even for the younger members of the family, truly a game for the whole family to enjoy.


Winning the Game

Like any other game, the purpose is to win. There is basically one simple way to win in Game of Life  and that is to acquire a lot of money and not lose it throughout the game’s duration. Money can be earned through getting jobs and buying stocks while it can be lost through loans and mortgages as well as insurance payments that the player can encounter as he or she makes decisions through the game. These decisions include getting to college or deciding to go ahead and get a job. Other decisions involve getting married, starting a family and the like. The game ends in retirement where all mortgages and loans will be taken into account. The player with the most money left is declared the victor.


Life Application in a Virtual Plane

What makes Game of Life a popular game both on and offline is the moral lessons and experiences that go with it. Kids can learn to make better decisions in life or learn of the possible consequences when they continue to squander away their money on wants rather than needs. It also presents a reality that in the end, life ends with retirement and having good decisions and memories to look back on will always serve as a great companion.