Life the Game Online

The Game of Life is another classic board game made into a modern PC game. The game was originally created in 1860 by Milton Bradley and became the first popular parlor game in America. The game is a simulation of a person’s life from college to retirement. The game is designed to accommodate 2 to 6 players. Life the Game online is the modern version of the game and is played on a PC via online or offline.

Much of the board game’s features and gameplay is the same with the PC version.
There might have been some few changes, like the board lay-out, but the spinner, the car and much of it are still intact. The game walks the players through the basics of life after the player has already picked and named their own avatar and picked a car. In the beginning of the game, players must decide on the path to take, go to college or go right straight to career. Like in real life, taking the college path may cost a player but the return is better. Better paying jobs are available for players who took the college route. There are more careers available to choose from in PC version than the original board game. Players can choose to be an Accountant, Salesman, Doctor, Travel agent and an Athlete. The player’s choice of career can influence the dynamics of the game.

The PC Game of Life has two modes that players can choose from namely the enhanced and classic mode. The enhanced mode is an expansion of the game with the addition of the mini games. These mini games can affect some of the games’ elements and gameplay. The classic mode is just similar to playing the classic board game with the ultimate goal of retiring as the richest of all the players.

The PC version of the Game of Life comes with an impressive 3D graphics. A player can get a 3D first person view of the player’s avatar moving through the game board after the player spins the spinner. There are also brief cut-scenes in every game square, the graphics for these cut-scenes range from impressive 3D movies to a little old-fashioned 2D graphics with a commentary. The sound and the music added in the game of the PC version add life to the whole game play. The sound effects and voices are very clear. One of the best sound features is the sound track as it changes to the corresponding period the game has reached. In the PC version, the further the players progress in the board, the further they travel through time. Sound tracks changes from the 50’s Do-Wop, 60’s Acid Rock and Bubblegum pop, 70’s Can’t Get enough of your Love, 80’s Synth Rock influenced by Thomas Dolby, 90’s Techno and the modern music of 2000.

For a Single player game, a player may choose to play against 5 AI opponents, but the game would still be much enjoyable if there are other human players present. The Game of Life PC version allows player to play online or over a network with other computers.