Game of Life Tips

The Game of Life is a board game created by Milton Bradley in 1860.It was the first popular parlor game and in the 1960’s the modern version of the board game was published.  Today, the board game is available as a PC offline and online game. Game of Life is a simulation of a person’s life, from going to college to marriage and finding a job life. Read on for Game of Life tips on how to enjoy the game on your PC.

The first step in your way to enjoying the Game of Life is to, of course, download and install the game in your PC. If you have doubts whether you will enjoy it or not, you can always search for free limited time demo of the game. Second, after successfully installing and running the game, start the game by choosing your game avatar or character and name it with whatever name you desire, then choose a car for your avatar. There are two available versions of the game, the enhanced and the original version. The enhanced version of the game offers more mini games which can affect certain parts of the game. The network version of the game can accommodate up to six players, if there are no other human players you can play with, you can play with AI players. An important thing to remember before starting the game is make sure your internet connection is fast and stable. Slow internet connection and ping spikes can cause lags and delays.

Tips on How to Win the Game

In every game, strategy and plans are a must if you desire to win.  Sometimes, the end result of the game is a result of pure luck. Here are some Game of Life tips on how to win.

  • Get a job.At the start of the game, all of the players must decide on which road to take. They may choose between career or business route and college route. Like in real life, the jobs you take on career route will offer lower pay from the jobs available on college route. You must choose carefully because this will decide your salary.
  • Plan your life events. Events such as marriage and having children will mean more coins for you as you will collect gifts from opponents. This is the part where you will need luck as you spin the wheel and the number you get determines the amount you will receive.
  • Get insurance for your future and stock up resources.Buy some insurance if you land on those spaces. Landing on a hazard space unprotected meansyou will need to pay a fine. An investment worth $50,000 is required for a stock certificate. Some spaces may require a stock certificate for a payout.
  • Wish your own good luck.Lucky day spaces let you earn an instant $20,000 payment. Each player has two options:(1) gamble the money for a chance of turning it to $300,000 or (2) be content and just keep the money. Here, gamble is a much more preferable choice. The odds of winning the gamble are 5 to 1.
  • Wise retirement.If you are sure you have the most money of all the players, you may choose to retire to Millionaire acre. In other cases, it might be best to gamble to be named as the millionaire tycoon; however, this depends on the number of players.

These simple strategies mixed with a better luck will insure a bright future for you in the game. You might be tempted right now to ask if there is an easier way to win the game like a Game of Life cheator trick. Unfortunately there are no available cheats yet for this game