Game of Life Rules

Game of Life  has been the best parlor game for centuries now. More and more people want to play and become a part of it. It is the type of game that gets you hookedlike no other. It gives you tons of excitements as well as moral lessons. It used to be a classic board game that’s now played in computers and adopted online. This move has widened the range of players that can have access to this game. To date, people from around the different faces of the earth can play the game online. You just have to download the game and install it to your computer. After installing it, you will then enter a whole new virtual world, which is very much alike to what’s outside the confines of your home. The first step is to learn Game of Life  Rules.

Learning to Play the Game

Now, it’s time to know the rules. Each game consists of two to six players. Each player has the opportunity to do what they want. This includes going to college, choosing a career, a house, a car and even marriage. To start your game you need to have every item present on the set-up. This includes Life Tiles, Cards, Insurance Policies and Bank Loans, Money, Cars and Pegs. These things should be put in their corresponding places. Next to tackle is the game play. On each player’s turn, the player spins the wheel and moves his or her car in spaces according to the number being pointed on the spinner.

This would start the process of moving through the course of the game. At first you need to decide on starting a career or going to college. Of course, there are pros and cons on decision making on things like these, which is an advantage seeing, as you can experience the consequences and benefits on a virtual plane. Directly getting a job would earn you money early on while going to college would likely put you into debt. The only good thing about going to college is that you will gain a higher salary and a better career in the later stages of the game.


A Fun and Easy Game to Play

There are plenty of Game of Life instructions to follow but these are quite easy. As it is a family game, the instructions were made to be easily followed.The game has different spaces and colors. When you land on one of them you just need to follow certain instructions. Obtaining the life tiles is also an important part of the game. Career spaces, Life spaces and other spaces are available. These are the items that let you gain salary or wages. This also enables you to choose a career or even a career shift. Other options also allow you to marry and have babies.

You can also have a house, bank loans and the like while playing the game. The entire process will continue throughout the game until you reach retirement. Upon reaching retirement everything that you have earned will be taken into account. The winner will be chosen according to the amount of money gained. This is a great lesson for youngsters to learn early in their life. The more money you gain the more chances of winning. It’s a tough life out there and all you can do is play by the rules. Getting started with Game of Life  can give you a fun avenue for experiencing all of it.