Game of Life Online

Game of Life  is a board game developed by Milton Bradley and introduced in the 1860s. It is a fun-filled game that has entertained families, friends and children through the course of time. Since its early release a lot of different updates to the original board game have been made. As a matter of fact in 1998 Hasbro released a CD-ROM version of the game, which can be played in computer sets. Another feature of the new computer game was to enable Game of Life Online. This means that gamers can connect and interact with players throughout the globe. This feature took this American parlor game to greater new heights.

 Click Here to play Game of Life online

Click Here to play Game of Life online

Reality in an Online Game

The game is very simple and very relative to the real world. The Game of Life on the Internetaims to put reality into thegame. It is an arena wherein players can simulate all of the happenings of a person’s life in a single game. By playing this game players can travel through their life in a virtual manner. This spans from college to retirement. Almost all aspects of human life are being tackled including loans, mortgages, children, jobs and marriages that in reality come with every person through their walk in life. The game also suggests that life is full of surprises. If you are lucky you can have a good life and sometimes you can be down. Whether it’s a poor or rich life, one must continue and everybody should make the most out of it.

Game of life online

Multiplayer Game

The game was originally designed to accommodate two to six players but through a lot of changes it was then remade such that the game can be played by up to eight to ten players. Throughout the game the players must collect as much money and as many Life tiles. That is the only way of winning the game. You will also be able to choose a career path. Like in the real world, the game offers almost all the possible careers. You can be a banker, a doctor or any that you can think of. That is, of course, after you have gone to college. Throughout the game you earn money and then spend money. You can settle down and have kids and spend the money for them. You can also buy a house or pay it via mortgages that you will eventually pay for. You can buy a car and have insurance, which also happens in the real world. The end would be the retirement stage wherein you will be required to pay all of your loans and credits then the winner would be picked. As mentioned, the person who has the greatest amount of money wins the game.

Game of life small

Game of Life  may just be a simple board game but is in fact very important. It reminds us of the reality of life. It shows the realities in this life that people just cannot deny. If you play your game well and become lucky you would have a good life. If you choose the best thing you can do in life then you’ll have a good life. Clearly, Game of Life  is not just the best way to kill and enjoy time but a permanent reminder of what’s outside where real life truly is.